Roundhouse Model

After lots of anticipation, the eagerly awaited Roundhouse model has rocked up to the party packing a hefty punch. This design is all about performance. This is not a board for knee-high summer slop, roundhouse is designed for overhead noserides and vertical topturns. At 9″0 with the 22″ wide-point pushed 3″ forward, this gives me plenty of room on the blank to pull in a very lively 15 1/4″ square tail with a very sharp pinch. The 17 3/4″ rounded nose still boasts plenty of noseriding potential, but at just 2 1/3″ thick is still duck-divable. The roundhouse model has enough rocker to make those late drops and crank those deep cutbacks.

Dimensions: 9”0-9”2 X 22 X 17 ¾ X 15 ¼ X 2 1/3
Glass: 6oz bottom, 6+6oz deck +fin and deck patches. Full resin tint with gloss & polished finish
Tail options: square, rounded square or pin. Swallow is my personal favourite though
Stringer: single or double