The full custom order experience starts at £850 (7’0 – 7’8), £900 (8’0 – 9’2), £950 (9’2 – 9’8) and is exactly that, a FULL custom experience, which incredibly includes the FULL resin tint and the FULL gloss finish! Also included is the single stringer, 10″ single-fin box, drill-thru leash loop, team logos, a custom logo, and your name hand signed on your board

Models are a great starting point, but are infinitely customizable. You choose your dimensions, colour(s), graphics, fin, stringer, rails, concave, roll, the list goes on and on and on. But don’t worry if you find that a bit daunting, I am here to make sure that what you order will work for you, the surfer.

Everything is included in the starting price to ensure that every Bluff longboard is made to my extremely high standards. (there is no option for cutting the quality down with sanded finishes, cheap paint jobs, second blanks, etc) That’s just not my style

Of course, just like ordering a brand new car, there are extras if you want the best-of-the-best, these include:

Top-of-the-range Macho Bow fin – £95

Longneck Knee-leash – £28

Hand foiled tail block – £65

Metallic flake finish – £12

Strongly recommended is one of my top quality board bags, which will be custom made to the dimensions of your board and ready for the time you pick your board up +£120

Here’s what’s included in the starting price:

(scroll over for a brief explanation)

My turnover time is typically around 4-6 weeks, but can be more in busier times

I charge a £200 deposit to start a custom order, and then the remaining balance upon completion

Please check my Instagram for recent custom build projects