Hang Glide Model

Introducing Hang Glide, an advanced noserider for the salty dogs after maximum tip time. She comes in 9″0 to 9″4 with a beautifully rounded, very ” pearch”able nose. Hang Glide brings to the party a wide point pushed back a full 2″, rolling rails blending into a very heavily pinched tail. What makes the Hang Glide model so different is its entry and exit rocker. There is almost no nose lift at all, but ample tail kick. This gives tremendous paddling and wave catching ability, but allows the user to use the tail kick to pivot and lock the board into noserides that will keep going all the way through the flat sections. This board continues to blow the minds of even the finest navigators of the nasal passage daring enough to benefit from the advantages of having almost zero nose rocker

Dimensions: 9″0 – 9″2 X 18 1/2 X 16 X 23 X 2 1/2
Stringer options: single or double
Glass: 6oz bottom, 6+6oz deck +fin and deck patches. Full resin tint with gloss & polished finish
Tail options: Square suits this board the best, but round proved to work very well on the point breaks in Morocco. Maybe stay clear of a pin, but a swallow could be very exciting!