Cruiseliner Model

The Cruiseliner model is a very traditional, smaller wave board designed to help with wave count and paddling ability. It is the Cruiseliner model’s thickness and buoyancy, combined with a classic entry and exit rocker and soft, rolling rails with a little hint of nose concave rolling into bottom roll that makes this model such a delight to surf. Expect lots of knee-paddling, a superior glide and plentiful wave count. The Cruiseliner is very suited to heavier riders, but is also proving very popular as a smaller wave option for more experienced surfers. It is also worth mentioning that this model is a great option if your local break is in a swell deprived part of the world where volume is key

Typical dimensions are 9″6 – 9″8 in length, 23 1/2″ – 24″ wide, 18 – 19 1/2 nose, 15 1/2″ – 16 5/8″tail and 3″ – 3 1/4″ thick

Stringer options are single, double or triple

Glassing ratio is 6+4oz bottom, 6+6oz deck +fin and deck patches, but additional weight/strength can be added with double fin/deck patches or a 6+6oz bottom

Full resin tint with gloss & polished finish

A square tail suits this model nicely for traditional pivot style turns, but a rounded pintail livens it up a little and provides a bit more traction through turns

10.5″ single fin box

Drill-thru leash loop