Cruiseliner Model

This model does exactly what it says on the tin. Plenty of volume and length for the Cruiziest experience you will ever have on a longboard. This board is designed to turn those ankle to waist high summer scorchers into an absolute whale of a time. It’s the Cruiseliner model’s thickness combined with a traditional entry and exit rocker and soft, rolling rails with a little hint of bottom roll to make  those early take-offs an effortless dream. Just watch that wave-count go up, along with the stoke. It might be worth mentioning that this model is particularly popular with the happily “heavier set” members of the gliding community, but is also proving very popular as a small wave option for the more experienced as well, especially if you live in a swell deprived part of the world that you want to have some fun in.  Expect lots of knee-paddling, noseriding and stoke!

Dimensions: 9”8 X 23 ½ X 18 ½ X 16 6/8 X 3 1/3, Could work very well as a 10 footer as well!
Glass: 6oz bottom, 6+6oz deck +fin and deck patches. Full resin tint with gloss & polished finish
Stringer: single, double or triple
Tail options: Square or round works best, but rounded square or squash would work fine. I’d stay clear of swallow or pin.