Bluff Longboards is a trade name of Jackson Higginbottom, run with the help of Fiancé Holly de Saint Pierre
The name Bluff is a reflection of the traditional methods and materials of building classic, old-school longboards “bluffing” the newer, mass production ways of construction that don’t work anywhere near aswell. When it comes to that superior glide that a properly made longboard has, there comes a point where we must look backwards to go forwards, and use the traditional craftsmanship and materials that the big companies can’t viably scale up to make enough boards. We would put quality over quantity any day

About Jackson

Jackson has been building surfboards since he was 18, and running Bluff Longboards as a business for 6 years. He is a very passionate traditional surfer and has a 9 year background in surf coaching and carpentry. Aswell as building each Bluff Longboard from start to finish and holding a senior roll at Sennen Surfing Centre, Jackson undertakes larger projects specializing in his unique use of resin art and his in-depth understanding of using fibreglass

About Holly
It would be the understatement of the century to say that there would be no Bluff Longboards without Holly. Aswell as being the proud manageress of her family business, the Kegen Teg café in St Just, Holly runs the business side of Bluff and keeps a watchful eye on those material costs, invoices and tax returns. Holly is an extremely talented female longboarder, with her graceful style being an absolute delight to watch