My name is Jackson Higgs and i make every single Bluff longboard from start to finish

I am not just a shaper, i am not just a glasser, I am not just a sander, I am not just a polisher, or just a surfer

I am all of the above, i an internationally recognised surfboard builder, specializing in high-end longboards

I trade under the name “bluff” not only as a benchmark for my outstanding quality, but also as a tongue-in-cheek dig, aimed towards the big mass-production companies that try to over-hype their (cheap to manufacture) products with clever sales tactics and over-advertising

My products should be outdated and obsolete, as i use exclusively traditional materials and construction methods, clocking up a huge amount of working hours in the process, the true old-school way

However, paddling out on one of my boards can only be compared to the difference between driving away in a brand new Beamer, and a banged up Metro with 250,000 miles on the clock. There is a very good reason why you don’t see the best surfers on a cheap-o epoxy board from Thailand, so don’t let their advertising fool you

My aim is to provide the highest quality longboards to the real surfers out there who want the best. An astonishing amount of work goes into making each one of my boards, but as any good logger will tell you, the traditionally made boards have a truly unique glide that the mass production companies can only dream of duplicating.

This is the backbone behind Bluff. Surfing essentially outdated equipment made using outdated methods, but blowing the big companies out of the line-up on any given peek

One big bluff

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