New to 2019 is the “semi custom” service

These are boards that are currently in production. They have been precision shaped, beautifully glassed and are curing, ready to be finished for you

They take a fraction of the time to finish from ordering when compared to a full custom, but still come with your name HAND SIGNED into the glass

The turnaround is typically 1-2 weeks for pickup in person, slightly more if you need it shipping

You can also choose what fin setup you want aswell as any extra pinlining detail (+£25 per side).
The main advantages of ordering a board this way is the “fresh off the polishing racks” shine, less time for you to wait, the personal touch hand signed into the glasswork, aswell as a fully cured board

You can also see the shape and the aesthetics of your new board in the photos so you can be 100% confident that your new “semi-custom” order is going to be a delight to wax up and paddle out

There’s none left!

All of the semi-customs have been finished in gloss and are waiting for you down at Sennen Surf co. So head over to the stock boards section to see what’s available or head down to Sennen to view in person. We will be adding more semi-custom boards before the summer..