After years of twinkering around with hatchets, D’s, rakes, skegs, etc, I have finally found the perfect fins that work better than anything else..

trust me, it’s the Greenough 4A

George Greenough has certainly made his mark on all things surfing and here is the best of the best. The full base coupled with the tapering, moderately flexible tip creates a balance that transcends and complements so many aspects of surfing. Of course a unique understanding of his aquatic fish friends is the foundation here.

I always stock Greenough 4A”s for the mind blowing results that they have with my boards. If you are ordering a board, just let me know what colour/size you want and i will mark it as sold and it will be waiting for you on your stick (no need to click on buy). Or, if you are not a Bluff rider but want to try one of these bad boys out for yourself, be my guest and let me know what you think.