Greenough Fins – only the best will do

My obsession with finding, making and producing the ultimate 9 foot gliding machines has not just led me to start Bluff, but also to explore the possibilities that equipment, materials, and methods makes on performance and of course, stoke.
The aim of my job is to shape a board that will meet, and exceed, the expectations of the surfer who will be riding it. A big responsibility considering that every movement in the shaping bay will have a very direct impact on every bottom turn, every take off, every paddle back out, every everything.
My shapes are not handed over to a factory for glassing. I take full responsibility, and enjoyment, out of the glassing, hot-coating, sanding, glossing, compounding and polishing stages.
One thing that I don’t take responsibility for, however, is that all important finishing touch that has in my opinion, one of the most important impacts on how a board feels in the water (second to length and rocker)
The fin
One man that has devoted his entire life to taking this responsibility however, is George Greenough
This man, an extremely talented shaper, boat-builder and cinematographer, has taken every possible measure to researching, producing and perfecting the ultimate single fins, and succeeded. With the inspiration being from dolphins, his unique understanding of hydrodynamic foil, combined with the perfect amount of rake and flex has recently left me gobsmacked after surfing one of these for myself.
I am delighted to now be able to stock these for my custom orders and in the Bluff Van, so that every Bluff longboard will be complimented perfectly by an absolute best-of-the-best fin.