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Greenough Fins – only the best will do

My obsession with finding, making and producing the ultimate 9 foot gliding machines has not just led me to start Bluff, but also to explore the possibilities that equipment, materials, and methods makes on performance and of course, stoke.
The aim of my job is to shape a board that will meet, and exceed, the expectations of the surfer who will be riding it. A big responsibility considering that every movement in the shaping bay will have a very direct impact on every bottom turn, every take off, every paddle back out, every everything.
My shapes are not handed over to a factory for glassing. I take full responsibility, and enjoyment, out of the glassing, hot-coating, sanding, glossing, compounding and polishing stages.
One thing that I don’t take responsibility for, however, is that all important finishing touch that has in my opinion, one of the most important impacts on how a board feels in the water (second to length and rocker)
The fin
One man that has devoted his entire life to taking this responsibility however, is George Greenough
This man, an extremely talented shaper, boat-builder and cinematographer, has taken every possible measure to researching, producing and perfecting the ultimate single fins, and succeeded. With the inspiration being from dolphins, his unique understanding of hydrodynamic foil, combined with the perfect amount of rake and flex has recently left me gobsmacked after surfing one of these for myself.
I am delighted to now be able to stock these for my custom orders and in the Bluff Van, so that every Bluff longboard will be complimented perfectly by an absolute best-of-the-best fin.


More boards for Smart Surf School

I am thrilled to be stocking some of my fine gliding machines at the Smart Surf School in Sennen.

They are open 7 days a week, 10-5. Tel: 01736 871817.


They have a gorgeous bottle green hang glide model in 9″4, with a heavily pinched square tail, double stringer that adds extra strength to the board and looks great and a hand foiled tail block to finish it off. The board is a stunner and will work well for any of those keen loggers looking to up their game or for the advanced noseriders to get their toes on the nose this summer.


They are also stocking a lovely turquoise blue (one of the most popular resin tints for Bluff) California CrossStep model in 9″2, completed again with a stylish double stringer and a super classy tail block. This board works well in mediocre to Malibu conditions and is probably the most suited board for anyone wanting to re-stoke their love of logging to those who just want to catch lots of waves. It goes without saying that these Bluff boards have full resin tints finished with a beautiful mirror like full gloss coat.

Please check out the boards section for more details on these two models.

Now Stocking boards in Sennen Surfing Centre

I am delighted to be continuously stocking my Cruiseliner and California CrossStep models in Sennen Surfing Centre

Dave is open 7 days a week, 10-5     Contact 01736 871561




They have one of Bluff’s best sellers, the California CrossStep model in a stunning two-tone chrome blue fading into a sunset orange. Not only does this board look beautiful, the double stringer gives it extra durability and the hand foiled tail block gives the square tail that bit more protection. This model is suited to a wider range of people, making it an ideal board from anyone purchasing their first ‘proper’ log to those who want to stand out in the crowd with this fine glider.



This board is a cruiser. Sennen Surfing Centre has this Cruiseliner model in a 9″8 and a gorgeous deep Turquoise. At a good length and a versatile entry and exit rocker, this board is designed to catch lots of waves, knee paddle with ease and noseride like a dream. The deck has some very stylish subtle green swirls that have to be seen to be truly appreciated. The double stringer and hand foiled tail black combine to add the extra strength and style that Bluff longboards take pride in.

See the ‘boards’ section for more details on these models.



Surf Bunker’s interview with Bluff Longboards

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Heading south for a Moroccan winter

By Jackson


The two main reasons why i have always loved surfing in Morocco is the right-hand pointbreaks and the blistering sunshine. Two things that go very well together. Very, very well

So, when a good friend of mine who runs a surf school out there ordered 4 custom boards, i said to Holly (a mermaid that i have befriended) lets deliver them ourselves and escape the winter!

So, I kitted out the new Bluff van into a camper, squeezed 10 boards inside and booked a ferry

Around half of the boards we took


With 3 meter waves forecasted out at sea, the captain let us know in Portsmouth that we would be in for a very rough 24 hour crossing to Santander, and he was right.

So, a bottle or two later we hit the Bay of Biscay and all hell broke loose, or so i have been told. The big waves rocked me into a deep sleep, which the same cannot be said for Holly, who was convinced we were going to die.

The next morning, we arrived in Northern Spain. It was a weekend so we couldn’t change enough money to get us anywhere near as south as we wanted to be, so we explored the local beachbreaks and scored some fun ones

Holly getting inspired


Eventually, we started the two day drive down through the heart of Spain. I knew it was going to be a long way, but it was a really long way! However, the constant changing scenery and noticeable climb in temperature kept us full of excitement of what was to come


Lots of Reggae music and energy drinks later, we arrived in Tarifa, the southern tip of Spain. From where we stayed, you can see Morocco, which when you think about it is the start of thousands and thousands of miles of Africa, and all that separates you is a short little crossing


After filling the van up with plenty of Spanish wine, we loaded us and our little moving house onto the ferry and set sail for Tangier, a town where maps and road signs mean nothing. Using a compass (which i would highly recommend if you ever go there) I navigated through the winding roads until  we eventually got onto a main road

I drove for 11 hours until we got to Essoera, getting a little hairy at points with the charging Moroccan truck drivers. But again, energy drinks and lots of music got us through

The next day, we made it to the small fishing village of Imssouane. Famous for it’s incredibly long and almost sectionless right-hand pointbreak. So, after unloading all of the boards for the surf school and indulging in a tasty tagine, we jumped straight into perfect waist high peelers to glide the “travel” off of us. Perfection

Pulling up the first day, pasty white, fully stoked          Middle section of the point


The rest is is a blissful blend of surfing, making friends, selling boards and more surfing. What life should be about. Although being a shaper, a washed up piece of foam did end up getting the Bluff treatment (all be it, from a penknife) and ended up becoming a super fun finless fish thing

endless noserides are almost no big deal on pointbreaks



The long drive back to Cornwall, although a little depressing at first, ended up being just as much fun as the way down.

Travelling has always been an important part of my life. Of course, surfing goes hand in hand with travelling. But embracing other cultures and making friends with locals is way more important than just getting good waves.

We also agreed that surfing pointbreaks should be classed as a totally different sport to surfing beachbreaks. Even the onshore, mushy days are so much fun

I can’t wait until next year, hopefully